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Nishimuraya Honkan Kinosaki Onsen

Nishimuraya Honkan Kinosaki Onsen



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Authentic Japanese Rooms

Authentic Japanese Rooms

From tatami mat floors, to sliding paper window doors, to wooden terraces with spectacular garden views, the guest rooms of Nishimuraya Honkan will surround you with a rich and traditional Japanese atmosphere.Your time in Japan demands nothingless than the finest, most authentic environment.

Pictured: Horai Suite Room (Hiratakan)


Four Seasons of Beauty

The gardens of Nishimuraya Honkan allow guests to experience the kaleidoscope of variation that Japans four seasons bring. Guest rooms were designed with as much thought given to the outside as the inside.

Whether it is the elegant cherry blossoms of spring, the gentle breezes off the Sea of Japan in the summer, the colorful leaves of autmun, or the delicate snows of winter, you are sure to discover a wealth of natural beauty in Kinosaki Onsen.

Hiratakan Annex Building

Hiratakan Annex Building

The Hiratakan Annex

Built in 1960 and designed by the master sukiya-style architect Masaya Hirata, the Hiratakan Annex building is the latest addition to Nishimuraya Honkan.

The sophisticated and original architecture will lead you to see why the Hiratakan is sometimes referred to as the ryokan inside a ryokan.

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Sukiya-style Architecture

Sukiya-style Architecture

A legendary Japanese architectural style, sukiya is the style Japanese tea houses are often built in. The image many visitors to Japan have of Japanese architecture is influenced heavily by the suikya style.

Pictured: Kangetsu Suite Room (Hiratakan)

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    Wireless Internet access (free), TV, Sattelite channels (free), telephone, hot water pot, tea set, refrigerator, hair dryer, pants press (on request), floor lamp, humidifier (on request), air conditioning, toilet with washing features, bar soap (on request), body wash, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush & toothpaste set, razor, shower cap, comb, hair brush, hand towels, bath towels, yukata, tabi socks, toilet slippers, safe

Rooms introduction

  • Japanese-style: One Room
  • Japanese-style: Two Rooms
  • Hatsune Room (with open-air bath)
  • Asuka Room (with open-air bath)
  • Matsu Special Room
  • Horai Special Room (with open-air bath)
  • Kangetsu Special Room (with open-air bath)