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Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

In the center courtyard of Nishimuraya Honkan sits a lush Japanese garden. Many of the rooms of Nishimuraya look out onto the garden of tall ancient pine trees, moss covered stone statues, intricately trimmed bushes, and gentle ponds full of koi fish.

Access points allow direct access for those who wish to take a stroll through the beautiful greenery. Guests staying in the Hiratakan annex enjoy a separate garden and the Hatsune and Asuka rooms have private gardens.

Lobby Lounge Seigetsuro

Lobby Lounge Seigetsuro

A unique mixture of old European furnitue and Japanese-style architecture, lobby lounge Seigetsutro is great place to relax with a cup of coffee or tea and read or enjoy the view of the garden. Wifi is also available in the lobby area.


  • Private Spa in the Forest

    Open air spas with stunning views of a mountain forest are available for your private enjoyment. Perfect for couples or families who want to enjoy an open air bathing experience without the group being divided by gender.

  • Relaxation Salon Fuka

    Unwind and relieve all of your stresses with a massage and aroma therapy course at Relaxation Salon Fuka. The salon itself resembles the interiror of a luxurious villa, allowing you to feel at total ease as you enjoy your relaxation course.

Private Spa & Relaxation Salon
Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei

Upgrade your relaxing time in Kinosaki Onsen with a private spa session or a relaxing aroma therapy treatment at our sister property, Nishimuraya Hotel Shogetsutei. Just a short walk or complimentary shuttle ride separates you from the ultimate in private leisure and comfort!


The Seven Hot Springs of Kinosaki Onsen

The Seven Hot Springs of Kinosaki Onsen

For over 1,400 years, Kinosaki has been known throughout Japan as a hot spring town..
Putting on yukata (light cotton kimono) and visiting each hot spring - each with its own unique style - has become a storied tradition of visitors to Kinosaki. Guests of Nishimuraya Honkan enjoy free access to all of the public onsen of Kinosaki.
* Walking times shown below are from Nishimuraya Honkan

  • まんだら湯 ~一生一願の湯~
  • 柳湯 ~子授けの湯〜
  • さとの湯 ~ふれあいの湯~
  • 鴻の湯 ~幸せを招く湯~
  • 地蔵湯 ~衆生救いの湯~
  • 御所の湯 ~美人の湯~
  • 一の湯 ~開運・招福の湯~